I found the people for this position, thanks everyone!!!

I’m looking for a developer to subcontract some client work to. The work I would be giving to you is low complexity, but often time consuming, python / front end tasks. It’s suitable for a junior dev who would need mentoring to help finish the tasks, a senior dev with some time on their hands, or anything in between.

The project you would be working on is a data driven django site. The back end is a postgres database with a few thousand entries of client curated data. The front end is mostly a series of graphs used to display that data.


You’ll be working on one of more of the tasks below:

  • (back end) copy a 5000 row spreadsheet into the database, while formatting the data into the appropriate database objects, and uploading the associated images
  • (front end) implement the static / info page portions of the front end. You’ll be working off a PDF of the designs from a previous designer.


Rate: $30/hr

You tell me your hours worked, I pay you, and then invoice the client with my + your hours.

I’ll want to know your hours weekly, and you should work a maximum of 20 hours / $600 a week. I’ll make sure to always have $600 ready to pay you with, and if that’s ever not the case I will let you know immediately.

Time commitment

I expect you to work on this project for a minimum of 5 hours a week. I’ll also need you to be available at least 1 day a week at 7pm - 10pm PST to pair with me.

There’s a flexible end of August deadline for the full body of work. You are under no obligation to work until that time, but I would prefer someone who can.

If you are unable to continue working with me (illness, scheduling conflicts, etc) or can’t work for a week just let me know ASAP.

Extra info

  • we’ll be using Gitlab + Trello + Slack for collaboration
  • the site is hosted on Heroku
  • the project is a “set it and forget” one, so there’s no expectation of test coverage / documentation

This sound like work you want?

Contact me @lynncyrin or firemagelynn@gmail.com