I’m Lynn “Cyrin” Conway (pronoun.is/she) full-stack web developer and project manager. Currently looking for full / part time web development positions that are remote or in Portland, Oregon.


  • Python, Ruby
  • CSS, JS
  • Rails, Flask, Django


Python, Ruby, and CSS form the majority of my work experience. I currently work nights and weekends with Ruby Together, maintaining Bundler and RubyGems. My work with Ruby Together is roughly 5 hours a week of project management and Ruby coding. I worked on Harlot Magazine, an internet magazine utilizing Craft CMS. Harlot was a front end development job, supplemented by some PHP / bash scripting. My career started with founding and managing a social network prototype. That prototype is in Python + Flask, running on a graph database (Neo4j).

Some of my smaller projects include - a talk at Open Source Bridge about my social network prototype. A talk at Alterconf about how software design informs culture. Writing about the intersections of tech and social norms at ModelViewCulture and my personal site. Finally, tools like Twitter Mute Till Election and TumblrDevKit. All my other projects you can find listed on my Github and Gitlab accounts. My resume goes into more detail.