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Qualifications matter as part of an organisation’s L&D strategy, learning culture, Employee Value Proposition (EVP), and career development. So, what do we offer within QA for managers and leaders and why?

QA knows both that learners and their employers value qualifications with highly reputable professional associations. QA partners with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) to offer level 3 and 5 qualifications. Our point of difference is our deep and broad understanding of leading and managing in a digital age.

QA's approach involves valuing that concepts such as motivation endure most, if not all changes, in business. Others, such as power and innovation, evolve as the context around them changes. Other concepts again might emerge, such as Agile and generative AI.

Throughout our ILM programmes we align professional career development with business needs and organisational agendas. This way learners are motivated to manage their own professional development. Equally, the investment in learning is transferred into the workplace in ways that modernise the business, creating the best return on investment.


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We offer three ILM qualifications; all carefully chosen as able to help modernise in the digital age of uncertainty and technological disruption.

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