Lynn Cyrin

New Website Frontend

I'm looking for a frontend developer to redo this website. I liked the functionality of the old site, but the implementation was brittle and messy. I want a completely new site, that more or less looks and works the same - but is built much better.

I'll give you:

  • $1,500 (can be negotiated upwards)
  • a Linkedin endorsement or similar (if desired)
  • a "website tech by (your name)" mention on the site (if desired)

Technically, the website should:

  • use netlify as the CMS
  • use dart-sass for its css
  • has some degree of automated testing (via enzyme / puppeteer / or similar)

The goal behind the technical requirements is to produce a website that I'll be comfortable maintaining. Relatedly, there's two "operational" requirements:

  • You'll implement this new website on top of the existing WIP site
  • The implementation to be a fairly collaborative activity, in that you'll want to create many small pull requests and you should ping me for code reviews.

The idea behind the operational requirements is that the end product will be easier for me to maintain if I see how it's built. That said, it won't be "pairing" - moreso I'll be in an advisory / reviewer role.

I'm looking for someone who:

  • is between the PT and ET time zones, Seattle residents preferred
  • preferably has with an underrepresented identity in tech
  • could give this work a few hours a week
  • can commit to weekly synchronous checkins (video calls or otherwise)
  • preferably has some degree of trust with a person / organization that I know (mention this in your intro, its functionally a "referral")

If you're interested in this, follow-up with me via Twitter (@lynncyrin) or email (

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