I'm Lynn Cyrin-Conway :: a mid level software engineer with experience in python / ruby / nodejs.

I'm looking for my next full-time position, and would love to work with you! Here's some information about how I generally like to work.


Products I'm inspired to work on, prioritize:

  • the experience of the user
  • providing a great experience to all users, and continously expanding their user demographics
  • engineering excellence, and a passion for using / creating the best tools for the job


Teams I love working in, have:

  • One or more engineers to pair with, skill share, or mentor
  • A manager who sees their role as "guidance" rather than "driving"


Technical work I love doing, involves:

  • Test driven development (TDD)
  • Building out / hardening services within an existing system
  • Rapid iteration on new small scale products / internal tools
  • Creating developer infrastructure (CI/CD, automated tests, notification systems)