A Culture of Learning

Learning at Work Week, this year taking place from 13th-19th of May,  provides you and your organisation an opportunity to bridge the skills gap posed by the growth of AI, machine learning and data skills in the tech industry. 

Fill the skills gap

87% of executives said they are experiencing a skill gap within their workforce within a few years – but less than half of them know how to address the gap.

Enhance growth

48% of tech leaders say reskilling programs are already enhancing bottom-line growth. 

Futureproof your workforce

40% of employees will require reskilling in the near future.

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AI: Innovating The Digital Revolution

Transforming your business's data strategy doesn't require a scorched-earth approach. The key to real results lies in your workforce. Without a talented, well-trained team, AI remains untapped potential.

Download our whitepaper to explore how upskilling and reskilling employees can establish an affordable, sustainable, and diverse talent pipeline. This investment not only maximises existing resources but also ensures your data strategy evolves effectively over time.

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The Top 10 AI Skills Your Team Needs to Put Your Cloud to Work

You shouldn’t jump into a six-figure AI project without building a smaller network of skills and projects first. The truth is that most teams don’t have what they need to take on larger AI projects at this point in the technology’s lifespan.

Download this eBook to learn the top 10 AI skills you absolutely need to have in your team.

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