Drive diversity

Breaking down the barriers that block talent; our initiatives connect with communities and ensure learning is all-inclusive.


Recruit & retain

Our broad network of partnerships tap into tech potential, and our structured learning pathways help you to retain talent.


Targeted training & deployment

We can source, train and recruit tech specialists who can quickly integrate into your business, filling skills gaps.


How QA can help

Our talent management offerings draw over 100,000 potential tech recruits annually from diverse channels, including apprenticeship recruitment, specialist deployment and tech workshops. Find out more below.


Recruit Train Deploy

Recruit specialists without risk or long-term commitment

By overseeing the entire recruitment, training, and administration process, this model mitigates risk while providing highly skilled Tech Specialists who can seamlessly integrate into your organisation.


Let’s start revolutionising your workforce learning

For more information on how QA can help your organisation to implement a managed learning service that unlocks the full potential of your workforce, contact us today by completing the form below. Alternatively, you can call us on 0113 220 7150.