Agile Certification Guide

As an accredited training provider, QA offers a full range of agile qualification courses, from a variety of providers. 

We also offer agile courses in a range of durations, from one day to multiple days, half-days and 12-months' online access.

Scrum Alliance Certifications

Renowned for certifications like CSM, CSPO, and Certified Scrum Developer. The Scrum Alliance focuses on widespread adoption of Scrum, making it suitable for a broad range of professionals, from Scrum Masters and Product Owners to software engineers and project managers​​​​.

scrum alliance certificationscrum alliance certification

Show detail Certifications Provides certifications like PSM (I, II, III), PSPO (I, II, III), and PSD, emphasizing deep knowledge of Scrum principles. Ideal for IT professionals and Scrum Masters, these certifications are based on Professional Scrum Competencies and require passing an exam with at least 85%​​​​. logo

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Why choose agile training with QA?

Diverse Accreditation Bodies

Gain professional recognition with courses accredited by APMG,, Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, and SAFe.

Industry-Relevant Learning

Equip yourself with skills and knowledge that are current, practical, and widely respected across industries.

Hands-On Learning Experience

Learn through interactive sessions and real-world case studies, tailored to your professional journey.

"Boost your team's Agile adoption with our Agile Coaching as a service! Our on call Agile coaches can help apply your knowledge gained in your environment." - Michael Esson, QA Agile Learning Consultant


Agile Certifications  - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agile?

Agile is a flexible, collaborative approach to software development, emphasizing continuous improvement. It's based on principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto, which focuses on individuals, interactions, working software, and responding to change.

What are the benefits of Agile certifications?

Benefits include enhancing knowledge and skills, professional recognition, career advancement, industry standardization, and access to Agile communities​​.

Are Agile certifications worth it?

It depends on individual career goals and preferences. Agile certifications are beneficial for developing knowledge in Agile methods, enhancing marketability, and improving career prospects​​.

What is the most popular Agile certification?

Scrum certifications, particularly CSM and CSPO from Scrum Alliance, are among the most popular due to the widespread use of Scrum.

How do the offerings from different providers like APMG,, Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, and SAFe differ?

Each provider has a unique focus: APMG offers structured Agile project management certifications; focuses on deep Scrum knowledge; Scrum Alliance provides a broad range of Scrum certifications; ICAgile offers comprehensive Agile skills across various methodologies; SAFe specializes in large-scale Agile project management.

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