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QA are privileged to provide, in collaboration with OffSec, the only in-person instructor led OffSec training in the UK.

Attend one of the exclusive face to face events, for PEN-200 (OSCP), SOC-200 (OSDA), WEB-200 (OSWA), or EXP-401 (OSEE) to prepare yourself for the increasingly critical field of cyber security. 

Offensive Security certifications prove to employers that you have the in-demand skills they need.

OffSec Cyber Core Certified

Penetration Testing

PEN-210: Foundational Wireless Network Attacks

PEN-210: Foundational Wireless Network Attacks

Foundational Wireless Network Attacks (PEN-210) is a course that benefits those looking to gain more skills in network security red-teaming. PEN-210 introduces learners to the skills needed to audit and secure wireless devices like 802.11 networks.

Web Application Security

WEB-300: Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation

WEB-300: Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation

Specialize in web application security with the updated version of WEB-300. From XSS attacks to advanced SQL injections and server-side request forgery, learn how to exploit and secure web apps using white box pentesting methods. Earn your OffSec Web Expert (OSWE) certification.

Security Operations

Exploit Development

EXP-312: Advanced macOS Control Bypasses

EXP-312: Advanced macOS Control Bypasses

Advanced macOS Control Bypasses (EXP-312) is OffSec’s first foray into macOS security. It’s an offensive logical exploit development course on macOS, focusing on local privilege escalation and bypassing the operating system’s defenses. Earn your OffSec macOS Researcher (OSMR) certification.

OffSec Cyber Range (OCR)

OffSec Cyber Range (OCR) offers the most realistic hands-on, in-depth labs on the market that emulate enterprise environments, allowing your team to hone their technical, mental, and tactical skills in recognising and handling real-world incidents.

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